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The Kombo Microphone system
 Including: KAM Transmitter, KAM Receiver, USB Charging cable

  • Compatible with any microphone

  • +48V Phantom power

  • 5.2/5.8 GHz Wireless interface

  • Effects: Reverb, Compression, 3 band EQ

  • Up to 6 hours of battery operation (transmitter)

NOTE: KAM can currently only be purchased through the Kombo system

3499 Dkk

30 day return policy

Free delivery in Denmark

Direct Support


Snap on your modules, connect your instrument and take it away!

Kombo`s Auto setup allows everyone to set up a stage in no time.

KAM effects up close.jpg

Your own sound is critical!

The KAM system is therefore equipped with a versatile effects pack straight from the box - including:



  • Reverbs

  • Compression

  • 3 step EQ (Hi/Mid/Low)

for all mics.png

Micing vocals, brass, string instuments or something else?

The switchable +48V Phantom Power functionality enables you to use any suitable microphone, no matter the application. 

For all mics picture.jpg
Random grey_edited_edited-min-min.png
tech specs.png
KAM Indication.png

  1. Battery

  2. Charging

  3. ON/OFF

  4. Channel

  5. Phantom

  6. Display

  7. LED indicator

  8. Back (parameter)

  9. LED indicator

  10. Forward (parameter)

  11. Adjustment ring

  • battery indicator

  • charging port (Micro USB)

  • ON/OFF button

  • channel select (8 channels)

  • Phantom Power enable/disable switch

  • channel Display

  • Phantom Power indicator (on when enabled)

  • go to previous effect parameter

  • indicator for 6 parameters

  • go to next effect parameter

  • adjustment ring for selected parameter

What is in the box​:

  • KAM system

  • 1 X Quickstart guide / manual

  • 1 X USB micro cable.

Construction - module:

  • 100 g, 80X80X20 mm

  • ABS+PC enclosure, Soft touch coating.


  • 90 g, 42X90X32 mm

  • ABS+PC enclosure, metal clip.


Effects: Level, reverb, compression,

3-band EQ

DSP: Vocal optimized DSP program

Phantom power (48 V).


3.7V, 1Ah Li-ion battery

Configuration: 1S

Capacity: 3.7Wh

3 hours of battery operation with phantom power

6 hours of battery operation without phantom power

Temperatur for operation: -20°C to 60°C (when discharged).

Can be charged from KA-1 speaker using included USB cable.

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