Your battery-powered Performance Sound System on the go!


Battery-powered system with up to 40 hours of play time.


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easy setup

Can be set up in a matter of seconds. 


 Built-in ARM processor, running  signal processing for guitar, bass and microphone.

Stack up to 6 speakers to create your favorite setup.


Bluetooth connectivity lets you jam to your favorite songs or perform with a backing track.

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 Sharing your music has never been so easy! No complex cabling, extra pre-amps, or time-consuming setups. 

Connect the Transmitter to your instrument or microphone

Snap the Module on the Speaker and adjust your settings


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At launch we will have two types of radio signal transmitters available.

One is with a jack connection made for electric string instruments and has a Phase switch setting.

The other one is with an XLR connection made for microphones and contains a +48V switch.

The instrument you have connected is then transmitted directly from the transmitter to the Receiver wirelessly.

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At launch there will be two types of modules available.

One module made for electric instruments and one for vocals and other microphone duties - The String Module and The Microphone Module.

The Modules each have a powerful, built- in ARM processor, running our proprietary signal processing & amp/cap simulations.

The String Module has guitar and bass amp simulation, EQ, drive and reverb.

The Microphone Module is equipped with EQ, Chorus and Reverb.

By snapping the Modules on the Speaker, you can instantly turn the Speaker into a fully fledged guitar/bass amplifier, vocal amplifier or both.

The fully mixed and processed signal from the Modules is instantly transmitted to the Speakers through our proprietary wireless interface.

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The Speaker acts as a blank canvas for your music. The device is designed with a minimalistic Scandinavian style, a strong & sturdy construction, and a sound quality on par with well-known industry sound systems.


Each Speaker has four module connection points (two on the backside and one on each side), meaning four instruments can be connected to one speaker alone.

It is portable, battery-powered, and modular, meaning that it can instantly connect to other Kombo Sound System Speakers when stacked so that you and your friends can create different setups to power bigger gigs!

Additionally, the Speaker supports Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to use the Speaker for enjoying music, as well as jamming to your favorite songs or performing with a backing track.


On the back panel, you can find the master volume knob and analog inputs. An instrument input (1/4'' TS), line input (1/4'' TRS), XLR input (for dynamic microphones), USB input, update input and mute.

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Radio, WiFi, and Bluetooth transmissions are commonly used in traditional wireless music equipment but are not always optimal. We are proud to have developed a brand new and innovative way of transmitting low latency audio, while still keeping the cables at bay. We introduce Li Sound Technology - a brand new way of fast, optic data transmission. We are currently patent pending for our own Li Sound physical interface.

Here are the main benefits of Li Sound Technology compared to traditional transmissions:

  • Optical transmission - meaning no noise!

  • Less than 10 ms latency from instrument to output

  • 24bit/48Khz audio signal

  • Lower power consumption

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Get creative! With our modular technology, you have the ability to stack up to six speakers and create your favorite setups.


When stacked, the speakers communicate through the side mounted Li-Sound docks. Each speaker then automatically calibrates key acoustic parameters to ensure optimal  performance at the listening position. 

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We are a small startup based in Denmark, consisting of musicians and engineers trying to build a solution for outdoor concerts. Our focus is to create innovative solutions in the Audio and Music Equipment industry and simplify the use of complex technology.

We believe no matter how complex a technology is, it should be able to be accessed and used by anyone. That is why we created the Kombo Sound System. It is simple to use, it is portable, wireless, has a high-quality sound and it can be set up in seconds. 

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FUTUREBOX, Elektrovej 331, Kongens Lyngby, Denmark