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Company history

Kombo Audio is a Danish music startup that makes portable live music speakers - designed for musicians. 


The company started its journey in February 2021 where the three founders went full time on the project, after raising their first investment from the previous TC Group owners, lead by Anders Fauerskov. 


Since then, the three founders, Dennis (product designer), Balint (electronics designer) & Kenneth (musician & production specialist) have developed the company's first product: The Kombo Sound System!


In September, the company moved headquarters from Lyngby, to their office & showroom in Kompagnistræde 25, Copenhagen - just minutes from the central town square. From here, the Kombo team and its products are hosting a wide range of live events & product demos.


As of early 2023, the company is slowly getting ready for its first sales, with final testing and verification underway.


Brand & vision

Setting up live stages can be, and often is a tedious, complicated and frustrating experience. These problems can easily take the joy out of playing a live set - and maybe even be a reason for not playing a gig at all!


This was the conflict & problem that the Kombo team set out to solve - designing products based on a simple motto:




Our goal is to encourage, motivate and bring more musicians to share their art in a live setting, in new ways and in new places! 


In short, we want more live music in more places, facilitated by more artists!


These are the fonts we use:


  • RIFT

  • Arian


Kombo Audio likes to throw around these three colours:


Kombo Audio will be launching the Kombo Sound System in Q1 of 2023. 


The system is a completely wireless and battery powered system - designed for live music applications - enabling musicians to set their stage in a matter of seconds!


The whole principle behind the Kombo speaker is the unique, modular technology - allowing users to easily add new functionalities, inputs & instruments by connecting new modules to the speaker. 


The modular interface is the key for making an accessible, yet uncompromised system. By allowing users to add new functionalities, they can control what features they want - and remove the features that create clutter & confusion. This is in our opinion the only way to create a product that works well for both technical and Non-technical users.


The system works in three simple steps:


  1. The user connects the instrument modules they need, depending on what and how many instruments they have 

  2. Each musician adjusts their effects & sound settings on the module

  3. The music can start!


The system includes the Kombo speaker, the Wireless microphone module and the wireless string instrument module.

Downloadable company logos

Downloadable product  photos


The people behind the company

Kombo Audio was founded by Bálint, Kenneth & Dennis. The Team was formed through a collaboration with the Danish Technical University & the R&D consultancy Force technology where Kenneth was working. 


Bálint is the company's in-house electronics engineer - with a background in DIY music gear development and a masters in electronics design. In addition to music equipment - Bálint has previously designed electronics for Bi-liquid rockets (casual side hustle). 


Kenneth is the companies in house musician & sound designer, with almost 25 years of experience in studios & stages across Denmark. Kenneth is responsible for designing the speakers sound, the effects & general sound signature of Kombo Audio. 

Dennis is the Mechanical designer & runs the company's day to day operations, including fundraising, compliance etc.

Cold hard facts

  • Founded in 2021 by Kenneth, Dennis & Bálint, who met through a DTU & Force technology collaboration

  • Balint has build Bi-liquid rockets, Dennis has designed festival speakers for 6 years & Kenneth has worked with a wide range of albums & cool artists!

  • The Kombo office already has, and will continue to host live events in their showroom - inviting cool artists & people to meet and share their art and passion for music. Latest - @Aljacobi facilitated a 7 day, back to back concert with 8 other guest artists, all hosted in the office space

  • The team currently consists of the three founders, and 3 student workers who help with sourcing, testing & optimizations

  • Located in central copenhagen (Kompagnistræde 25, tv.), with a showroom & demo space

  • Kombo Audio has developed a wireless & portable PA system, that allows any musician to set up stage in a matter of seconds - wherever they would like to!

  • Developed with a patent pending modular technology, that allows users to design the system to their exact needs

  • Common vision of getting more people to play live - and motivating musicians to “TAKE IT AWAY”

  • Raised 5 million DKK in investment, including investments from former TC group owners

  • Been part of the danish Startup Ecosystem since launch, including the participation in Danish tech challenge where Kombo was one of 5 finalists

  • All of the products are designed in house, either by Bálint or Dennis - in close collaboration with Kenneth & the companies music panel

  • The products are sourced and manufactured in Denmark

  • Kombo Will launch its first products in February 2023, through its own webshop & partnered stores across Denmark. Following the launch, the company expects to launch internationally in June of 2023.

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