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The Kombo Speaker
 Including: KA1, Battery, Charger

  • Battery powered (20 hours operation)

  • 110 Db max SPL output

  • Portable (15 kg)

  • Tuned & Calibrated with instruments

  • 4 X Module inputs

  • 3 X Analog inputs (Mic, inst. Line)

NOTE: KA-1 can currently only be purchased as part of the Kombo system

7999 Dkk

30 day return policy

Free delivery in Denmark

Direct Support

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Ever played a concert in a forest? Ever practiced guitar on a rooftop? 

The Kombo speakers' interchangeable battery allows you to bring music to new places and alternative spaces. 

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Play whatever instrument you want - with whoever you want to!

Each Kombo speaker accepts up to 7 inputs at once, including 4 X Li-sound module ports, along with Bluetooth 5.0 streaming.

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KOMBO on bike.jpg

Throw it on your bike, on to the train or in your truck bed.

The compact enclosure is built to endure the rough road life - with sturdy metal handles and a protective rubber frame.

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What you play is what you get!

The Kombo speaker works as a predictable, acoustic canvas for your music exploration - allowing the modules and effects to define the unique sound of you and your instrument, with minimal colouring from the speaker itself. 


  1. Li-Sound

  2. Volume

  3. Instrument

  4. Microphone

  5. Line

  6. Bluetooth

  7. Battery

  8. Li-Sound

  9. Driver

Rear mounted Li-Sound ports that each accept a module.​

Master volume control & On/Off button upon press.

Jack String instrument input (Hi-Z) with separate volume control.

Microphone XLR input with separate volume control.

Stereo line jack with separate volume control

Bluetooth indicator LED

95Wh Li-ion battery

Side mounted Li-Sound port (each accepting a module)

8" custom CO-Axial woofer/compression driver


  • 15 kg, 30X24X49 Cm

  • Wood enclosure, EDPM frame, Aluminium mesh

  • Finish: Robust artificial leather.


120+60 W Klasse D Amplifier

Built in DSP with dynamisk EQ.


14.4V, 6.6Ah Li-ion battery

Configuration: 4S3P

Capacity: 95Wh

30 hours runtime on medium volume.


Frequency range: 60-20kHz (+/-3dB)

Output: 110 Db (pink noise, 1m distance), 116 db Peak)

Driver: 8” Coaxial woofer + 1” Compression tweeter.


1 X ¼” Stereo line in

1 X ¼” Instrument in

1 X XLR Microphone in

4 X Li-Sound modul ports

Bluetooth 5.0

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