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The Traveling Musician: Compact and Portable Gear for the Gigging Artist

Embarking on a tour or playing local gigs frequently requires not just skillful musicianship but also gear that can keep up with the pace of a roaming artist. This guide aims to spotlight the gear essentials that uphold portability and performance.

Instruments and Accessories

Light and Foldable Stands: Keep your load manageable with mic and instrument stands that are lightweight and can be collapsed down to a compact size.

Travel-Sized Instruments: Invest in travel-friendly instruments that don’t compromise on sound—like traveler guitars and portable keyboards—that can stow away easily.


Portable PA Systems: The Kombo System exemplifies the cutting-edge in portable PA solutions. Battery-operated and easily mounted on poles, these systems offer clear, robust sound for any setting, large or small.

Expandability: Make sure whatever amplification you end up deciding on is easily expandable - this is critical as you grow your audience over time, and need more power to comfortably deliver the experience you want the audience to experience.

Sound Management

On-Board Effects: Gear with built-in effects can significantly lighten your load. The Kombo System not only provides EQ settings for tailored sound but also includes integrated effects, negating the necessity for extra effects units.


Wireless Freedom: A tangle of cables is the last thing you need. Systems with wireless transmitters for your instruments and mics, like those compatible with the Kombo System, offer a clutter-free stage and quick setup.

Versatile Input Options: A system that accepts various input types can replace several pieces of gear. The Kombo System, for instance, supports a range of instruments and mics, perfect for solo acts or full bands.

Power Solutions

Battery power: Traditionally, busking equipment was powered with heavy lead acid battery, and a mains power converter, which was both heavy, combersome and sometimes dangerous. You should therefore always prioritise battery powered solutions, as these give you the flexibility to take on whatever gig you are looking to do! The Kombo system is one of many battery powered solutions, but it has one of the longest running time per battery (20 hours), and the additional benefit of allowing the user to quickly swap in a new battery!

Powering Your Gear: Beyond its primary function, the Kombo System can also power your pedalboards and loopers. With a standard USB to 9V adapter, which is readily available in most music stores, you can easily keep your essential effects and accessories powered up throughout the gig.

Storage and Transportation

Protective Padded Bags: Select bags that offer padding, durability, and comfortable straps. They should be designed for the rigors of travel and easy stacking.

Compact Flight Cases: For air travel, it's wise to have cases that meet carry-on specifications. This ensures your gear is always with you and ready for the next performance.

Closing Notes

For the gigging artist, your music takes you places, and your gear should too. The Kombo System stands out as an all-in-one solution for such musicians—enabling high-quality sound in a package that’s ready to go wherever your music calls. With its versatile input options, built-in effects, and the ability to power other gear, it's the touring musician's best companion. Travel light, play big, and let your talent shine at every destination.

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